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Mr. Sunil Shah
Specialized Engineering Services for the Construction Industry.
For engineering industries in general and construction industry in particular, 'Mr. Sunil Shah' is a name that brings forth a vivid imagery of a specialist engineer. 'A non-technical technocrat' as he usually introduces himself, Mr. Sunil Shah is a seasoned veteran who brings to the table a rich experience of around 30 years. Over the years, he has offered products, services, solutions and consultancy to several leading corporate houses and engineering industries of Gujarat; and has earned a reputation as an authority in the areas of Insulation at construction, Structure re-strengthening and Roof ventilation.

Professional Accomplishments

A born leader, Mr. Sunil Shah's spirit of enterprise took shape in the form of 'Motivation Engineers'. Established in 1991, this fledgling of an enterprise. created waves in the industry by launching a unique concept of 'Utility Services Provider' for the construction industry. 'Vermiculite' - a novel product for 'over deck insulation' was an instant hit. Today, having completed more than 15 lakh sq. ft of area for overdeck insulation covering big projects to small houses, Motivation Engineers & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., continues to retain its No. 1 status in the country in that category.

In 1993, overwhelmed by the success of Vermiculite, he subsequently brought to Gujarat the non-braking Polycarbonate Sheets from GE Plastics. Here too, owing to the excellent reach and networking with institutional customers, he achieved the highest sales in the first year itself.

These success stories in rapid succession were the stepping stones for 2 other relationships with principals such as Rebar System and Chemical Anchor Fasteners from Hilti-&-FISCHER-(Mico-Bosch) and Hitachi Koki India Ltd. Motivation Engineers was a distributor of Hitachi Koki India Limited for construction tools, and also a distributor for "CRUSHAAL" an innovative food waste disposer that helps in maintaining hygiene and convenience at homes and hotels.

Today, Motivation Engineers & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.,is one of the leading engineering service providers and continues to offer out-of-the-box technology solutions to the industry.

His passion for quality has brought an ISO 9001: 2008 certification from TUV SUD for Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of MBIENT turbo ventilator, a unique status in India for this category of the product. Currently he has added few more relation in areas - HONEYWELL for security solution, SOLED - LED SOLAR lighting, etc.

His passion for quality has brought an ISO 9001: 2008 certification from TUV SUD for Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of MBIENT turbo ventilator, a unique status in India for this category of the product. Currently he has added few more relation in areas - HONEYWELL for security solution, SOLED - LED SOLAR lighting, etc. Today Group Motivation includes Emtech Energy Inc. – manufacturing Day light dome, and FRP lining work for SS and MS., marketing SOLED brand LED base Solar lighting. The EXECUTOR – undertake Special purpose Fabrication and Skylight work. `AMMA' undertake special purpose service to one and all at their Door step in the field of EYE and HEALTHCARE. Mr Sunil an IIM A alumni member, completed SME from IIM – A in 2007, is also a Director with Fine Feather Dental Clinics, Height8 Technologies Pvt Lts, and also a Strategic Advisor to few companies.
Prior to setting up MEIPL, Mr. Shah picked up the lessons of business through his venture- Automation Engineers - which he established in 1981, immediately after his graduation. Starting off as a supplier of process instruments to sugar, textile, power, chemical, fertilizer, cement and pharmaceutical industry, Automation Engineers soon spread its wings. In 1984 it became the authorized agent for engineering giants like Mahindra & Mahindra and L&T Gould for their flow meters as well as test & measuring instruments. In 1986, it started manufacturing data logging systems for Institutional clients such as NDDB, GROFED and GUJCOMASOL. The big break however came in 1987, when Automation Engineers introduced the revolutionary Mist Cooling Systems for the sugar industry. This solution not only changed the face of the industry, it also enabled Automation Engineers to look beyond and think big.


A born leader, Mr. Sunil Shah is passion personified. An active member of the Ahmedabad Management Association since 1983, he has played a key role in the growth of this organization. Be it developing newsletters or bringing in new members; actively promoting AMA's activities or sharing his knowledge and insight as a lecturer of the PGDBA course - Mr. Sunil Shah is dedicated to AMA. What is remarkable is that this dedication is unconditional. Little wonder that he has been elected as a member of various committees for as many as no of election since 1991 and has held positions of Hon. Joint Secretary and Hon. Secretary in 2001 and 2005 respectively. Held position of Vice President for the year 2007-08, Chairman of Special Project Committee, responsible for setting up of World Trade Centre and few Special Golden Gujarat projects along with Govt. of Gujarat during 2008-09, and become Vice President during 2010-2011, a much larger and responsible role he has to play. Prior to his exclusive involvement with AMA, he was Vice President of the prestigious Leo Club, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad.

Like a true leader, he has an eye for talent and believes in moulding and nurturing this talent into leadership material. As a result, even unskilled and 'not so technology-savvy' people who have had the opportunity to work with him have grown into successful technocrats and entrepreneurs. "The role of a leader is to develop new leaders "-he believes in this tenet and lives by it. Nothing excites him more than technology and innovation. It is this passion for understanding technology and delving deeper that drives him in pursuit of innovation and path breaking concepts. An avid reader, he keeps himself abreast of the latest trends and happenings in the industry he works in.


Mr. Sunil Shah holds a Business Management degree from S. P. University. Armed with this degree with specialization in Marketing & Advertising and sheer hard work, he has steadfastly earned the status of a technocrat. Being a class representative through every year of his schooling and college education, he has an exceptional track record of leadership and team building. A disciplined man to the core, Mr. Sunil Shah attributes this quality to the 3 years of NCC training where he ranked first in the 0.22 bore National Shooting Championship.

Elected General Secretary of the school, Elocution Secretary of the BBA college, Selected for the Basic Leadership Camp of NCC at Srinagar - Mr. Shah has always been an extrovert, a natural leader and a win-win situation creator. With a strong sense of ownership in whatever he does, Mr. Sunil Shah, has a warm and friendly approach to every relationship he strives to nurture. Married to Paulomi with two children: Shaiva & Ansh, Mr.Shah and his family is based in Ahmedabad, where he continues to guide the engineering industries with as much passion as he serves the city in his own modest ways. Mr Sunil has an extended family of more than 50 direct people and many indirect to peruses his passion in various field.

360 degree with Society

Study at IIM A help him to think things differently, and soon got an opportunity to play a larger role to implement 360 degree formula for the society through his appointment as a Chairman of Revenue committee with Mahanagar Palika of Ahmadabad, by virtue of his being elected as a corporator from Ambawadi as a member of BJP.
An Education Hub of Gujarat, Ambawadi, is known for IIM, ATIRA, AMA, CN, Gujarat University, PRL etc. As Revenue committee head, he took an initiative to meet the all Tax department staff twice in a year one to one basis to improve the quality of services for Citizens. For the first time NON TAX REVENUE was focused and few uncharted path discovered and the department has now started activity in this area. First time in Gujarat at AMC, the Asset Manager post being created, equivalent to HOD to look after the Non Tax revenue generation for Corporation.
His vision and inspiration become a seed to create Gujarat Innovation Society, to facilitate the culture of INNOVATION amongst MSME and POST Graduate Student of Professional study area. GIS is travelling with a dream that every Gujarati become an Innovator. Today Gujarat is Fastest growing state which compete several Developed Nations in various fields in the same manner through Gujarat Innovation Society, Gujarat will become No. 1 in INNOVATION and Intellectual Property rights area in the world by 2040. Sunil believes that it is only at Social Entrepreneurship one can use 360 degree formula effectively and its true spirit.

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