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Emtech Skylight System
Motivation Engineers and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in Wind driven ventilation system and Thermal insulation, having pan India presense, working with almost all leading corporates and Industries.
MEIPL is thirty years young vibrant, professionally run organisation dedicated to “Innovations” in terms of products and services.
MEIPL is persuing to offer “Green” products, such as Solar lighting, LED lighting and Transperant Skylight sheets for daylight applications.
Emtech Skylight System
ESS is FRP sheets made from Imported, 100% virgin materials. ESS is made through handlay process, gives leverage to make sheets to match any profiles and shapes.

Corrosion Ressistance
Unlike conventional materials Emtech Skylight System offer the user a comprehensive range of resistance in conventional materials. The pipes can be laid in corrosive soil and environmental condition without extra protection. For applications under extreme condition, specialized resins can be used during production to enhance these resistance properties.

Temperature Resistanace
Depending on the particular resin used in ESS, temperatures ranging from -30° to +120° C.

Light Weight
The weight of ESS is a sith of that of Steel pipe and tenth of that of concrete pipe. This low wieght makes the pipes easy to handle and install. That cuts installation cost considerable.

Long - Lasting
In terms of aging, creep and long-corrosion, ESS meet high standards of durability.

Low coefficient for Friction
ESS are completely smooth on in side. As a result, their coefficient of friction is very much less than that competitive material and this lower coefficient of friction can, in many instancees, enable a smaller pipe diameter to be used.

Emtech skylight system is FRP sheets which are exclusively designed to cast the sheets to match any size or shape. These are developed from imported 100% virgin materials and made through handy process. These sheets are made to use for the varied purposes in homes and work areas. Emtech skylight system provides full-fledged resistance in conventional materials. These sheets or pipes can be used on corrosive soil or in any environmental conditions without calling for an extra protection. Being the producers of Emtech skylight system we are expertise in scientific and systematic use of specialized resins to enhance the resistance power. This process gears up Emtech skylight systems to use it in extreme conditions. This product from our house of engineering beats the touchstones of durability in terms of aging, creep and long corrosion.

Our intelligent ideas come to your hand in the form of engineering beauties.


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