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Motivation Engineers and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in Wind driven ventilation system and Thermal insulation, having pan India presense, working with almost all leading corporates and Industries. MEIPL is thirty years young vibrant, professionally run organisation dedicated to “Innovations” in terms of products and services. MEIPL is persuing to offer “Green” products, such as Solar lighting, LED lighting and Transperant Skylight sheets for daylight applications.
Ventilation is becoming a point of major concern for most industrial workplaces and factories due to the fumes, gases, vapors and heat generated by the machinery in the production process.

A new concept of wind operated ‘mbient turbo’ ventilators as a low cost alternative against the conventional electrically operated ventilators/exhaust fans, is the best choice for industries and residence.
Harnessing the full velocity energy of the wind. Induce airflow by centrifugal force. Draws the hot air in the turbines towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine.
The product operates on wind energy thereby enabling saving of substantial electrical energy to the user. This also is a saving to the already overburdened electricity board, which have currently a problem for servicing existing client.

It makes use of a renewable source of non conventional energy i.e. wind energy. The product is a long lasting, with a 3 years warranty and is maintenance free. Thereby, offering a low cost solution to ventilation problems.
Wind driven ventilators are useful for Industry, Warehouses, Malls, Halls, Temples, Mosque, Churches, Hospitals, Theaters, Schools and Residences.

Proper ventilation is an important factor for houses, workplaces, factories and warehouse due to the heat, fumes, gases and vapors coming out from the household processes and industrial processes. Manufacturing and production process in industries and factories result in the high emission of the same depending on the nature of business. As a result of our experiment, we have come out with the new face of ventilators named Mbient Turbo. This exclusively designed turbo is the perfect alternative for conventional ventilators and exhaust fans which runs on electricity. Mbient Turbo is designed to work in the force of wind blow and helps you save a lot on your electricity bill. Apart form this it provides best cooling solution for your home and workplaces. Our designers designed this proud product to withstand wind velocity up to 100mph and are made with stainless steel and aluminum to make you free from frequent maintenance costs.

The best cooling system at zero percent energy consumption!

  • Study the existing system
  • Identifying the rquirement scientifically.
  • Identifying the location of Installation.
  • Design the proper fixer to suit the requirement.
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More than 500 locations over 10,000 installations.
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