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Motivation Engineers and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in Wind driven ventilation system and Thermal insulation, having pan India presense, working with almost all leading corporates and Industries.
MEIPL is thirty years young vibrant, professionally run organisation dedicated to “Innovations” in terms of products and services.
MEIPL is persuing to offer “Green” products, such as Solar lighting, LED lighting and Transperant Skylight sheets for daylight applications.

Is your search for the right MFV which suit your needs? Then you are at the right place. We offer MFVs with difference in all aspects. Our fishing vessels are the finest converted MFVs in the world in its all aspects. Hull is designed with extra sense to take any seas with comfort, ease and stability. The superstructure and the architecture of MFV make our MFVs more than fishing vessels. Our technicians and experts with their incredible experiences made geared up this vessel an ideal board with both cruising and static capabilities. Energy efficient engines, high resistant body and flexibility in operation have gifted a distinct name for our MFVs in the potential market. Our MFVs keeps you relaxed with the smooth sound even in the high speeds of the engine. We assure you the best MFV in return for your investment.

We Sell the Superb in Speed, Sound and Style.

Over deck insulation with
'MFV' Ex foliated Vermiculite is a 100% natural, non - fibrous, light weight material, widely used for THERMAL insulation, ACOUSTIC treatment & for FIRE resistance. 'MFV' consists of accordion like granules, containing microscopic layers, which gives optimum insulation properties, resulting in an overall temperature differentiation of about 8 - 10 deg.C. within the building. 'MFV' is to be mixed with cement in 6:1 ratio by volume and requisite water.

A 50-300mm thickness of the ‘MFV’ mixture is recommended, depending upon the required results. The ‘MFV’ layer shall be further covered with Tiles/ lPS / BBCC / China Mosaic etc.

A maximum up to 30mm layer is recommended in a 4:1:1 ratio for sidewalls.

'MFV' can be used as loose fill in cavity wall/false ceiling. It gives best result for such application.

Must for quality construction of Bungalows, & Apartments, Office buildings, Multiplexes & Malls, Hotels & Hospitals, Academic Institutes and Factory buildings etc.

'MFV-AC', is a ready mix of Vermiculite, special polymers, binders and white/grey cement. This is widely used for acoustic treatment with highly satisfactory results. Upto 30mm thickness in multiple layers can be applied to walls, ceilings by either manually / mechanized. This is the Acoustic Engineer’s natural choice for demanding applications.

Must for quality construction of Auditorium, Theaters, Multiplexes, Studios, Halls, Hotels etc.
More than 1000 locations covering roof area of over 20,00000 sft.

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